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About Us

It’s double trouble with Maz & James and the show made up of what everyone’s talking about. Be in the know with Maz’s “Gossip Hits”, catch the “Five Live Chart” counting down the biggest songs of the moment, and catch them streaming live via Facebook and Instagram. Whether you’re Team Maz or Team James, you can bet on the most entertaining banter heard across the UAE at night. Maz & James Live is a radio show that’s never boring, is 100% interactive and is all about what’s happening right now.

Every hour Maz & James will count down the 5Live – the biggest songs right now. Voting will happen continuously and we will watch the chart change throughout the show. Want your favourite song in the chart? Download the VRD app and click on your favourite song to vote!

Each night we’ll go interactive with Facebook and Instagram live. This gives you the chance to not only see what’s happening inside the studio, but also control it too! We’ll do live surveys on the music we’re playing, play games and give away prizes, plus we’ll give you a chance to take over the show.

Want to know what the showbiz, music and celebrity worlds are talking about tonight? We’ll deliver you a Gossip Hit of what is happening as it happens. On the radio, on Instagram Stories or in a Facebook video: we’ll give you a slick update of what your mates will be talking about tomorrow.

Every night we’ll look at the Big 3. It could be 3 parties happening this weekend, 3 hot movies trending in the cinema right now, 3 people to follow on Instagram today or 3 ways to blow your salary this month! It’ll always be 3 things that you do not want to miss.